Your guide through immigration.

Welcome and (because I am a lawyer) Disclaimers

Beacon in the mazeWelcome to my blog about immigration – law, attorneys, information – in the United States.  I am an attorney licensed to practice in California who focuses on helping people with family and humanitarian immigration.  I hope you find this blog informative because that is what it is for, information.  This is not in place of personalized legal advice you get from hiring your own attorney.

On that note, nothing posted here is confidential so please do not share details about your situation or case in the comments.  If you feel so inclined to contact me directly, also limit anything you may write to the very basic information – name, phone number and a good time for me to call you is the safest.

Guidepost Law and this blog are currently closed. The most recent post explains why.

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2 comments on “Welcome and (because I am a lawyer) Disclaimers

  1. Mari
    October 3, 2012

    I am excited to ad more about what you post, Randi!

  2. Randi W. Stebbins
    October 3, 2012

    Thanks Mari and thanks for reading.

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