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It is time to put this blog on hiatus. Maybe it seems as if I already have since I haven’t posted in a while. Now, though, I am emigrating. As … Continue reading

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VAWA – Help for Victims of Domestic Violence for almost 20 Years

I have been reading a lot about the political fight in Washington, D.C. over the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA.  The act, first passed in 1994, was up for … Continue reading

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The Initial Consultation

Hopefully the last two posts have guided you through selecting and contacting a lawyer. You may even have an appointment set up for the initial consultation by the time you … Continue reading

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You Have some Names of Attoneys. Now What?

In the last post we took a look at when you might need an attorney to help you through immigration and where you can find them.  This post focuses more … Continue reading

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US Immigration – Go it Alone or Get an Attorney?

Immigration – a word that is both hopeful and stressful for those dealing with the system in the United States.  Maybe you are applying to immigrate a family member or … Continue reading

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